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SnoozeCovers 2-Pack: A Blackout Sleep Mask Built into Your PillowCase

  • Blackout Curtains for Your Face: Deploy your SnoozeCovers and fall asleep. SnoozeCovers block out light like a traditional eye mask but are more comfortable. 

  • Darkness is Always In-Reach: If you're head's near your pillow, so is your eye cover. Fall asleep with it on or reach for it in the morning to block out the sun.

  • Your Cover Stays In-Place: Whether you toss, turn or roll in your sleep, you stay covered. SnoozeCovers come attached to your pillowcase so there's no need to search for your sleep mask in the dark.

  • Works in All Positions: No matter how you sleep, SnoozeCovers work. For added darkness, back sleepers can fold the cover over their eyes and side sleepers can tuck it under their cheek.

  • Great Overall Pillowcase, Soft Fabric: SnoozeCovers are soft, high-quality pillowcases you'll use for years. The eye cover is made of 100% cotton jersey and the pillowcase is 100% cotton. 

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